As a CLUBFOXER member you will have access to a range of professionally presented letters and documents to help you in various situations including gaining permission, applying for a variation, permission forms and more…

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Downloadable Documents

Permission Form

Getting a signed permission form is always a good idea – so we’re sharing ours to make you have all bases covered.
You can either click on an image to download the permission form or CLICK HERE

Variation Letter

When applying for a variation, it’s always good to include a letter along with the forms you need to complete. Here’s one that has served me well over the years!
You can either click on an image to download the letter as a WORD Document or CLICK HERE

Other Useful Resources

Home Office Guide to Firearms Licensing

This document provides consolidated guidance on firearms licensing legislation for anyone who is involved in firearms licensing or who has an interest in firearms or shotguns for either work or leisure purposes.

This guide is not intended to be a definitive statement of the law, but a cohesive explanation of the often complex area of firearms licensing.