Just how much is your kit worth?

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As I’m writing this it’s Friday afternoon – I’m planning a walk around a couple of permissions this evening so am preparing a mental list of everything I need… Are there good batteries in the GC500..? Is the thermal charged? Make sure the Z-Aim is on the 223… The list goes on.

So whilst doing this, I thought I’d write a list of what kit I’ve usually got with me when I head out on foot. And put some value against that list.

I know that my kit isn’t cheap – but I’ve never actually added it up and was quite surprised when I did. Almost £9000 of foxing kit – it could be an expensive night if I fall over!

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Oh – and since writing the list, I forgot to mention my £95 Quad Sticks – so message to self – Don’t forget your quad sticks this evening!

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