Here are a few of the questions we get asked on a regular basis…

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Q – What happens after I join CLUBFOXER?
A – You will receive your insurance documents via email within 2 hours during the working week and within 48 hours if you join CLUBFOXER over the weekend or during public holidays. Within 5 days you will receive your CLUBFOXER Membership Pack with a Public Liability Insurance and CLUBFOXER Membership confirmation card. The Membership/Insurance Card is created and personalised for you, which is why there is a slight delay in sending them out.

Q – How soon will I receive my membership pack?
A – Your Membership pack should arrive within 5 working days via Royal Mail. There is a slight delay after you have signed up getting your pack to you because the Membership and Public Liability Insurance confirmation card is personalised to you.

Q – Am I covered for Public Liability Insurance as soon as I join CLUBFOXER?
A – Yes you are. Your insurance documents will be emailed to you within 2 hours of joining, unless you join CLUBFOXER at the weekend or on a public holiday then your insurance documents will be emailed to you within 48 hours, but your cover definitely starts from the date we receive your CLUBFOXER Membership payment.

Q – Can I choose a date on which I want Insurance cover to start?
A – No. Your Public Liability cover starts from the moment we receive your CLUBFOXER Membership payment.

Q – I am outside the UK – can I still join CLUBFOXER?
A. Sorry, I’m afraid you can’t… CLUBFOXER Membership is open to UK residents only.

Q – I under 18 years of age – can I still join CLUBFOXER?
A. Sorry, I’m afraid you can’t… CLUBFOXER Membership is open to those over 18 years old only

Q – How do I get the other Membership benefits and offers?
A – Your CLUBFOXER Membership pack will have all the details about the membership benefits and how you can take advantage of them.

Q – Are any extra Membership Benefits added throughout the year?
A – Yes. The CLUBFOXER Membership benefits will be added to as often as possible and you will be notified by email as soon as new member benefits become available.

Q – My insurance isn’t due for renewal for a few months – can I register an interest to join when its due??
A – Yes of course! Please CLICK HERE to register your interest and tell us when your insurance is due. We will then contact you nearer your renewal date.

Gunplan Insurance FAQs

If you have any specific insurance related questions, please checkout the FAQs at the GunPlan website.

Q – What is the excess on the Public Liability insurance?
A – Gunplan does not apply an excess to any Shooting Public Liability claims.

Q – What is a Shooting Public Liability Confirmation card?
A – The Shooting Public Liability Insurance and CLUBFOXER Membership confirmation card will provide evidence of your £10m Shooting Public Liability cover when talking to landowners or attending a shoot. This card is only evidence of the Shooting Public Liability

Q – Does the Shooting Public Liability insurance cover me if it is my occupation e.g. game keeper?
A – No, the public liability section will exclude any liability which has directly or indirectly occurred as a result of your profession or business.

Q – Can I get Insurance to cover Accidental Damage to my Shooting Equipment?
A – Yes. As a CLUBFOXER member you will be able to get 30% discount on Accidental Damage and Theft Cover when you buy direct from Gunplan.

Q – How can I get 30% off Gunplan’s specialist shooting insurance

Q – What does Gunplan include under Shooting Equipment?
A – Gun(s), Ammunition, Bows, Crossbows, Arrows, Telescopic Sights, Binoculars, Clothing, Accessories & Trophies all specifically designed and purchased for shooting.

Q – Is there a maximum value I can insure my Shooting Equipment for with Gunplan?
A – With Gunplan, you can insure up to £50,000 worth of shooting equipment. There is a single article limit of £12,000.

Q – What activities would be covered under the Gunplan Accidental Damage policy?
A – You would be covered for any activity where you were physically engaged in shooting at a recognised shooting venue in the UK. These can include:

  • Fox Shooting
  • Rifle Zeroing
  • Deer Stalking
  • Wild Fowling
  • Driven Shooting
  • Rough Shooting
  • Pest Control
  • Clay Pigeon Shooting
  • Target Shooting
  • Black Powder Shooting
  • Archery
  • Air Gunning

Please contact Gunplan’s customer service team on 08000 92 72 73 if you participate in an activity which is not listed.

Q – Would Gunplan’s Accidental Damage insurance cover me for legal advice following my firearms licence being revoked?
A – Yes, you will need to select the legal cover extension when purchasing your Gunplan insurance. An excess of £1000 applies.

Q – Would Gunplan’s Accidental Damage insurance cover me for items stolen from my car?
A – Yes, items must be out of sight in either a locked boot or covered luggage area, reasonable precautions must be taken to safeguard your guns as per your firearm or shotgun licence.

Making a Public Liability Insurance Claim FAQs

Q – How do I claim?
A – Notify Gunplan claims team by either telephone or email:

Telephone: 0800 112 4079

Q – Who is Gunplan?
A – Gunplan is a trading name of Ripe Insurance Services Limited which is one of the largest, niche insurance specialists in the UK.