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It’s officially here – it’s 10 years since the BestFoxCall website first went live! Back then we were selling just one product – the trusty Original and soon to follow was the best selling BFC SS… In 2013 we hooked up with a US company called ICOtec and you know the rest…

To celebrate, we running a “10 Prizes for 10 Days” Competition – and here’s what we’ve got to give away…

Day 1 – BFC Beanie, Cap and Snarf + Three Call Set
Day 2 – Ridgeline Trail Top (courtesy of Highland Outdoors)
Day 3 – Shooterking Gillet (courtesy of Baileys Shooting)
Day 4 – GRS MUG & Rear Bag (courtesy of Highland Outdoors)
Day 5 – Gerber Knife and sharpener (courtesy of Baileys Shooting)
Day 6 – Sniper Hog 66LRX with one colour LED
Day 7 – ICOtec GC350 Fox Caller
Day 8 – 2 x Mjoelner Fenris II Aluminium Quads Sticks
Day 9 – Buffalo Target (courtesy of Tom’s Targets)
Day 10 – ICOtec Sabre