By advertising an item for sale or purchasing an item that is for sale on the CLUBFOXER Buy & Sell section you are, in effect, agreeing to abide by the Terms of Use set out below. These Terms are non-negotiable but may be subject to change at any time.


The CLUBFOXER Buy & Sell section is for the purposes of buying and selling of shooting equipment only. There are plenty of other sites out there where you can discuss shooting with all its infinitesimal interesting subjects – but only one where you can buy and sell shooting equipment. So please – if you have something to say about shooting in general go on another site somewhere and confine comments on the CLUBFOXER Buy & Sell section to buying and selling only.


The CLUBFOXER Buy & Sell section is continually moderated. The Moderator’s decision is final and if you do not abide by the CLUBFOXER Buy & Sell section rules your access will be revoked.

Privacy policy

CLUBFOXER has a full Privacy Policy. To read the policy in full please CLICK HERE

Links to other websites

CLUBFOXER is not responsible for the content of external websites and links to external sites should not be taken as an endorsement of their content.

Everything Else

The CLUBFOXER Buy & Sell section is only intended for the purposes of buying and selling shooting equipment. The moderators will remove any posts that are deemed illegal, inappropriate and/or irrelevant and will also remove the person posting from the forum altogether.


The CLUBFOXER Buy & Sell section is a communication portal only and CLUBFOXER/BESTFOXCALL accepts no responsibility for any of the items bought or sold in this section or any actions resulting thereafter from the purchase or sale of any item whatsoever

Posting Item to Purchaser

All purchased items sent in the post remains the property of the seller until they have been received by the purchaser. By advertising your items for sale on the CLUBFOXER Buy & Sell section then you are agreeing to these terms.

Mis-description of Goods

If a seller mis-describes the goods he/she is liable for all costs and a return of the purchase fee. However, the purchaser may have misunderstood the description. If the description does match the goods, but is not what the purchaser expected then the purchaser bears the return costs. It is requested that, if using a picture to show the condition of an item but the picture posted is not actually of that item but a representation of a similar model, that the seller indicates this in his post. This is to ensure that the image supplied is an accurate representation of the item for sale. For legal reasons, please do not use copyrighted images.

Trade Retailers

If you are a Trade Retailer please do not post any items for sale without contacting CLUBFOXER first as you will need our permission to sell. If Traders add products to the website without permission (or if we just suspect you are a Trader and post without permission) we reserve the right to remove your ad at any time.

Non-publishing of Ad by CLUBFOXER

All ads are reviewed by CLUBFOXER before they go live. If CLUBFOXER deem the ad to be inappropriate or Illegal it will not be published. CLUBFOXER will contact the advertiser and explain why it has not published the ad.

Items that CANNOT be advertised for sale

ANIMALS/LIVESTOCK/BIRDS/SNAKES/REPTILES OF ANY KIND nor even insects may be sold or advertised or even given away on this Buy & Sell section of CLUBFOXER

Paypal as a ‘gift’

. A number of members who have sent funds via Paypal as a ‘gift’ have found that if the goods are not as described, faulty, damaged in transit, or do not arrive, Paypal will not refund their money if the ‘seller’ refuses to make good.

Please note that Paypal prohibit their service from being used for transactions involving airguns.