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CLUBFOXER from BestFoxCall

If you are a fox shooter then CLUBFOXER is for you – a FREE membership group created for fox shooters by fox shooters. The aim of CLUBFOXER is to provide you with a range of benefits, offers, competitions, shooting insurance and the ability to buy and sell your shooting equipment – and it’s FREE to join.

CLUBFOXER is aimed at fox shooters and fox shooters alone, which means ALL the membership benefits will be relevant to you. Each month we will email you with news that could include special offers, new products, discounts, competitions, helpful tips & advice and much more.

Current membership benefits include a 30% DISCOUNT off any Shooting Insurance from Gunplan including Public Liability, a 10% DISCOUNT on all shooting equipment and clothing from Baileys, a competition to win an ICOtec Outlaw supplied by BestFoxCall, offers on magazine subscriptions from Countryman’s Weekly AND inside knowledge, advice, hints and tips from experienced fox shooters PLUS documents and letters you can use to obtain Firearms Applications, Licenses, Permissions etc. There is also the CLUBFOXER Classified section where you can buy and sell shooting equipment. and COMING SOON –a competition to win a Wildlife Camera courtesy of Scott Country.

What are the Membership Benefits?

A CLUBFOXER lifetime membership includes:

  1. Regular Partner offers handpicked from the leading fox shooting related retail and service businesses.To start with we have teamed up with Gunplan,Bailey’s and Countryman’s Weekly to bring you benefits you can’t get elsewhere.
  2. Access to a CLUBFOXER Buy and Sell classified section
  3. Useful letters and documents such as Firearms applications, variations, permission slips, permission letters, lots of things that you as the fox shooter might need and only available to CLUBFOXER members
  4. New Giveaways, Competitions, Offers and Events – exclusively for ClubFoxer members – added to your membership as time goes by. To start with we have a brand new ICOtec Outlaw from BestFoxCall to give away
  5. Ongoing Offers, news, hints & tips – inside knowledge from experienced fox shooters
  6. Exclusive CLUBFOXER products for you to buy
  7. COMING SOON – offers on equipment from BestFoxCall and a competition to win a Wildlife Camera courtesy of Scott Country


Need to sell that rifle or piece of shooting equipment? Then list it on our CLUBFOXER Buy and Sell Classified Section. Need to buy shooting equipment but only want to buy secondhand? Then look in the CLUBFOXER Buy and Sell Classified Section. Available to CLUBFOXER members only.


CLUBFOXER is the membership group of BestFoxCall Ltd. Hopefully you have heard of BestFoxCall, but if not, we are experienced fox controllers who set up www.bestfoxcall.co.uk in 2012 to sell fox calls online.
We only sell products we have tried or invented ourselves, that we use ourselves and that we know work.
Recognising the need for insurance, we wanted to provide fox shooters with a package tailored specifically to them, rather than one where a large proportion of the benefits are irrelevant. We said ‘As fox shooters – what would we like?’ – and ‘Lo, CLUBFOXER was created.
So if you think you’d like to join an exclusive club for like-minded fox shooters then check out the CLUBFOXER Membership Packages here

We are always seeking to improve the Member benefits of CLUBFOXER so if you have any suggestions then do please get in touch

CLUBFOXER is proud to be working with:

  1. valleyboy
    | Reply

    I would love to receive a membership card. How do I go about obtaining one?
    Good luck on this venture, I wish you all the very best of luck.


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